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Media Servers

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Arkaos Studio server

The Studio Server is an incredibly powerful system designed for professional Lighting Designers. Thi..


DMT S8020 Sender Card

The DMT-S8020 is our universal sender card which works with our full range of DMT Pixelscreens and P..


LS-125 Videoprocessor (sender card included)

The LS-125 videoprocessor is the new version of our popular LS-120. The new design has added the big..


LS-170 Videoprocessor (sender card included)

The DMT LS-170 is a state of the art scaler/switcher for LED Screens. It features a built in sender ..


LS-190 LED Screen Processor (sender card included)

LS-190 is the most complete processor DMT has to offer at the moment. Standard with 2 sender card ty..


SB-803 Sender Box Pro

The DMT SB-803 follows up SB-801 and is the only piece of equipment required between the video sourc..


SB-804 Sender Box Pro Dual

The DMT SB-804 is the extended version of the SB-803 with two sender cards on board it's capable of ..


Stage Server

The Stage Server is a perfect solution for live entertainment, theatre, educational, audio-visual an..