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Install Mixers

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Compact 6.2

Compact 6.2 is the ideal mixer for sport instructors. It has 2 microphone inputs with built-in compr..


Compact 8.1

The Compact 8.1 is a high quality 19" 1U microphone line mixer. With some smart features it distingu..


Compact 9.2

The Compact 9.2 1U installation mixer is built to combine maximum audio possibilities and needs for ..


DAP Audio IMIX-5.3

The IMIX-5.3 is a basic 3 zone control mixer. It has a logical design and all functions are very cle..


DAP Audio IMIX-7.1

The IMIX-7.1 is a compact installation mixer for many kind of applications. It has a basic design wh..


DAP Audio IMIX-7.2 USB

The IMIX-7.2USB is a unique installation mixer. It's a 6U, 7 Channel, 2 Zone mixer with 2 built-in U..


DAP Audio IMIX-7.3

The IMIX-7.3 is a compact installation mixer with zone control. It has exact the same functionality ..