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Drum Microphones

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DAP Audio DM-55

This DM-55 kick drum mic has a warmer sound and can handle higher SPL's than the DM-20. If you use i..


Sennheiser E600 Drumkit (4xE604 2xE614 1xE602II) Drum Mics In Case

The DRUMKIT600 is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an economic and convenient way to mic thei..


Sennheiser E604 3-PACK Cardioid Dynamic Close Drum Mic with Drum Clip

Character instead of mainstream. Close to the attack, tough, easy to handle: the e 604 has long sinc..


Sennheiser E604 Cardioid Dynamic Close Drum Mic with Drum Clip

The e 604 is a cardioid microphone especially suitable for use with drums and brass instruments.Prod..


Sennheiser E609 Silver Supercardioid Close Guitar Cab/Drum/Tom Mic

The super-cardioid e 609 silver instrument microphone has been specially developed for miking guitar..


Sennheiser E902 Cardioid Dynamic Bass Drum/Instrument Mic

 Product FeaturesFrequency response optimized for kick drum Very fast attack Exceptionally cle..


Sennheiser E904 Cardioid Dynamic Clip-on Tom Drum/Instrument Mic

The E 904 is a cardioid dynamic instrument microphone especially designed for drums.Product Fe..


Sennheiser E905 Cardioid Dynamic Instrument/Snare Drum Microphone

The cardioid E 905 can handle very high sound pressure levels and has an excellent transient ..


Sennheiser E908D Cardioid Condenser Drum/Percussion Clip-on Mic

Product FeaturesExceptionally lively, clear sound Quick and flexible set-up; comes with suitable mou..


LD Systems D1017 7 Piece Drum Mic Set

D1017 SUPER-CARDIOID DRUM & INSTRUMENT MICROPHONE SET  Set consists 1 x bass drum dynamic..