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Sennheiser MKE2 Digtal Mobile iOS Recorder Mic with Lightning Connect

Made for: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad ..


Electro-voice ND-44 Microphone

ND44Dynamic Tight Cardioid Instrument MicrophoneExcellent acoustic controlWith aggressive and punctu..


Electro-voice ND-46 Microphone

ND46Dynamic Supercardioid Instrument MicrophoneExcellent isolationWith lively and balanced soundLarg..


Electro-voice ND-66 Microphone

ND66Condenser Cardioid Instrument MicrophonePremium small-diaphragm condenser elementSelf-biased con..


Electro-voice ND-68 Microphone

ND68Dynamic Supercardioid Bass Drum MicrophoneExcellent acoustic isolationWith deep lows and top-end..


Electro-voice ND-76 Microphone

ND76Dynamic Cardioid Vocal MicrophoneExcellent all-around vocal performanceCrisp, clear and balanced..


Electro-voice ND-76S Microphone

ND76SDynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone with On/Off SwitchExcellent all-around vocal performanceCrisp..


Electro-voice ND-86 Microphone

ND86Dynamic Supercardioid Vocal MicrophoneExcellent acoustic control in even the largest of venuesRe..


Electro-voice ND-96 Microphone

ND96Dynamic Supercardioid Vocal MicrophonePush vocals through the mixStructural and acoustical funct..


Electro-voice PL-33 Microphone

PL-33Dynamic Kick Drum & Instrument MicrophoneVoiced specifically for kick drums and low-frequen..


Electro-voice PL-35 Microphone

PL-35Dynamic Tom, Snare & Instrument MicrophoneVoiced specifically for snare drums and tom-tomsP..


Electro-voice PL-37 Microphone

PL-37Condenser Overhead & Instrument MicrophoneSmall diaphragm condenserVoiced for drum overhead..


Electro-voice PL-80a Microphone

PL-80aPremium Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneIncredible vocal power and clarityRobust, forgiving, EQ-friend..


Electro-voice PL-80c Microphone

PL-80cPL Series Live Performance Vocal MicrophoneIncredible vocal power and clarityRobust, forgiving..