Rhino 20U 19" Rack Flightcase with Casters, Sleeved

Rhino 20U 19" Rack Flightcase with Casters, Sleeved

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This brawny, no-nonsense 19” rackmount cab is the most compact of the range with its 20U capacity. Four braked casters allow you to trundle from van to venue with ease at the same time as protecting valuable rackmount kit inside with dense, shock proof, waffle foam. You can lift, turn and pull with easy grab handles, two fixed on opposite faces that fold flat when not needed. Chunky butterfly clasps, fitted with padlock hasps, hold lift-off front and rear doors securely during transport. Just take ‘em off at the gig and you are ready to cable up and balance away within minutes - no fuss!

  • Model No: J01511
  • Rackmount: 20U
  • Doors: Front & Rear Removable
  • Casters: 4
  • Grab Handles: 4
  • Butterfly Clasps: 8
  • Padlock Hasps: YES
  • Shock proof: YES
  • High Density Foam: YES
  • Plywood: 9mm Laminated
  • Width: 600mm
  • Height: 1180mm
  • Depth: 675mm
  • Weight : 55.5kg

  • Product Code: J01511
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £220.00

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