COVID-19 Important Notice

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Due to the evolving situation worldwide, and the instruction from Government on March 23rd 2020, our warehouse and offices are closed until further notice for all sales and service. Our hire department is closed except in support of essential services.

Some manufacturers are able to ship goods to you directly, and therefore we are still able to fulfil some orders where this is not from our own warehouse. This may take longer than usual due to increased demand on logistics companies at this time.

You can still contact us by eMail and on 0330 320 2000 but please note that orders placed online may be subject to delay, and stock from our warehouses will not be shipped until the restritctions are lifted, which is currently expected to be no earlier than 13th April 2020

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Stay safe, and we will see you on the other side of this.

– The Stage Group Team


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EMH 1200W/DE/60 Osram

EMH 1200 W/DE/60Osram Classic EMH 1200W/DE/60 is the new economy version of the HMI1200DXS..


EMH 150 W/SE/70 GY9.5 S/E M/Halide Osram

EMH 150 W/SE/70 Osram Classic EMH 150 is the new economy version of the HTI150..


EMH 250W/SE/80 GY9.5 S/E M/Halide Osram

EMH 250W/SE/80 Osram Classic EMH 250 is the new economy version of the HSD250/80EAN 4008321345028..


EMH 575 W/ SE/75 GX9.5 S/E M/Halide Osram

EMH 575W/SE/75 The OSRAM CLASSIC EMH 575W/SE/75 is a single endedmetal halide lamp with outer bulb ..


EMH575/DE/75 95v 575W D/ended M/Halide Osram

EMH 575 W/DE/75 The OSRAM CLASSIC EMH 575 W/DE/75 is a double-ended metal halide lamp and is the ne..


HCI-T 150W/942 NDL G12 150W Ceramic PB Osram

HCI-T 150W/942 NDL PBEAN: 4050300873336 Wattage: 150WBase: G12Operating current: 1.9 AmpColour tempe..


HCI-T 35/830 WDL G12 35W Ceramic PB Osram

HCI-T 35W/830 WDL PBEAN: 4008321005625Wattage: 35WBase: G12Operating current: 0.5 AmpColour temperat..


HCI-T 70/830 WDL G12 70W Ceramic PB Osram

HCI-T 70W/830 WDL PBEAN: 4050300873664Wattage: 70WBase: G12Operating current: 0.98 AmpColour tempera..


HCI-T 70/942 NDL G12 70W Ceramic PB Osram

HCI-T 70/942 NDL PBEAN: 4050300873626 Wattage: 70WBase: G12Operating current: 1 AmpColour temperatur..


HCI-TM 250W/942 NDL G22 250W Ceramic PB Osram

HCI-TM 250W/942 NDL PB G22EAN: 4008321907684Wattage: 245WVoltage: 95VBase: G22Operating current: 2.9..


HMI 1200W/SEL 100V 1200W G38 S/Ended M/Halide Osram

Reference - HMI 1200 W/SEEAN 4008321062109NAED - 54067Wattage [W] - 1200Lamp voltage [V] - 100Curren..


HMI 2500W/DXS 115V 2500W M/Halide D/Ended Osram

Reference - HMI 2500W/DXSEAN 4008321182197NAED - 54069Wattage [W] - 2500Lamp voltage [V] - 115Curren..


HQI-R 150W/NDL 150W Dichroic Reflector & Cables Osram

HQI-R 150W/NDL FS1Compact optical systems with high efficiency in fibre-optic systems..


HTI 150W SE 150W GY9.5 S/Ended M/Halide Osram

HTI 150 W Cheaper version of this lamp is now available from Osram see EMH150 ..


HTI 152W/SE 150W GY9.5 S/Ended M/Halide Osram

HTI 152 WCheaper version of this lamp is now available from Osram see EMH150..