Exterior Fixtures

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Outdoor Par

The Parcan 64 outdoor (IP-65). Par-64 splashproof water resistant projector for extern use. It has a..


Outdoor Par Short

This new product is the short version of the Parcan 64 outdoor. It has a high protection degree agai..


32 HEX IP Panel

The ADJ 32 HEX Panel IP is an IP65 rated multi-functional wash / blinder / color strobe fixture for ..


HEX Par 7 Exterior Fixture

The exterior HEX Par 7 features 7 x 10W six-colour LEDs, giving smooth colour mixing from rich satur..


Lanta Aurora 12T-V3 High Power LED Outdoor Par Can

Dazzling and robust, the Lanta Aurora 12Tv3™ is a tri-colour outdoor spot designed to enhance extern..


Lanta Aurora 12x12 Hex V2 Highpower Outdoor Par Can

Dazzling and robust, the Lanta Aurora 12x12 Hex V2™ is a high power outdoor parcan designed to enhan..


Lanta Aurora Bar X44 IP65 LED Outdoor Batten

Housed in weather-resistant steel, the Aurora Bar X44™ is ideally designed for colour washes in gard..


Lanta Aurora Polaris v2 LED Outdoor Wash

The Lanta Aurora Polaris V2™ lighting fixture features Tri-Colour LEDs for seamless colour mixing. I..


Lanta Aurora Quad Bar 1000N Colour Mixing Outdoor Bar

The Lanta Aurora Quad Bar 1000N™ is an outdoor aluminium housed LED bar featuring twenty four quad c..


LEDj Spectra Par 15Q8 Exterior Fixture

The exterior Spectra Par 15Q8 features 15 x 8W quad-colour LEDs, delivering a smooth wash of colour,..


LEDj Spectra Par 7T8 Exterior Fixture

The LEDJ Spectra Par 7T3 features a stylish and compact design. The fixture is suitable for archit..


Showtec EventLITE 4/10 Q4

The Showtec EventLITE 4/10 is a battery powered RGBW spot with wireless DMX in a sturdy aluminum hou..


Spectra Batten 12T3 Exterior Fixture

LEDJ Spectra Battens are perfect for feature lighting, providing colour wash effects to the outside ..