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PC Based Control

PC Based Control

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Quick DMX D512

With the "D512" interface it is possible to use Quick DMX software without any restriction for all 5..


Quick DMX D512 Plus

The D512 Plus has the same features as D512 when its connected with a computer but stand-alone the D..


Quick DMX IR Remote

The IR Remote can be used in combination with the Quick DMX D512 plus interface to trigger 18 scenes..


Quick DMX Rack

The Quick DMX Rack is a standalone interface which can store 18 different chases or scenes. This mak..


Quick DMX USB dongle

The Quick DMX USB dongle allows to discover an "entry level" version of the Quick DMX, for a very af..


MyDMX 3.0

ADJ’s myDMX 3.0 is a multi-platform DMX control software/hardware system (Windows and OSX Mac compat..


MyDMX Buddy

myDMX Buddy is a scaled down, entry level version of myDMX 2.0. Out of the package, myDMX software w..