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DMX XLR to Exterior IP DMX Connection Cable 1m

This 1M Spectra Series Interior – Exterior DMX Cable (IP65 rated) from LEDJ is a high quality, flexi..


HEX Par 7 Exterior Fixture

The exterior HEX Par 7 features 7 x 10W six-colour LEDs, giving smooth colour mixing from rich satur..


LEDj IR Remote for HEX Fixtures

IR remote for HEX Fixtures (RGBWAUV)Compatible with:LEDJ60LEDJ60ALEDJ70LEDJ70AELUM18ELUM118AAmongst ..


LEDJ Slimline 7HEX6 RGBWAUV (Black Housing)

Housing 7 x 6W six-colour LEDs, the Slimline 7HEX6 gives smooth colour mixing from rich saturated hu..


LEDj Spectra Par 15Q8 Exterior Fixture

The exterior Spectra Par 15Q8 features 15 x 8W quad-colour LEDs, delivering a smooth wash of colour,..


LEDj Spectra Par 7T8 Exterior Fixture

The LEDJ Spectra Par 7T3 features a stylish and compact design. The fixture is suitable for archit..


Spectra Batten 12T3 Exterior Fixture

LEDJ Spectra Battens are perfect for feature lighting, providing colour wash effects to the outside ..