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Sommer Cable Club Series MKII Microphone Cable

No blood running through those veins...but yet a whole lot of life. A wire gauge of 2 x 0,34 mm² is ..


Sommer Cable Quantum Highflex Multicore 100-0451

A true allrounder...because it could not be any longer, faster or more flexible. SC-Quantum QMC HIGH..


Sommer Cable SC-Scuba 14 Highflex Patch Cable 200-0311

Through thick and thin...the new SC-Scuba 14 HIGHFLEX will be right by your side. It is very thin, s..


Sommer Cable Stage 22 Highflex Microphone Cable 200-0001

One thick coat...will protect the interior against mechanical wear, such as pulling, tugging, kinkin..


Sommer Cable Tricone MKII Instrument Cable 300-0021

String artists...will be delighted at this cable.The Tricone® MKII is a flexible cable for guitar or..