Wash Fixtures

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Elation Design Wash LED Zoom

The DESIGN WASH LED ZOOM is an IP20 rated high output pro grade moving head wash fixture featuring (..


Elation Platinum FLX

The new Platinum FLX is an innovative, full-featured 3-in-1 luminaire with patent-pending design tha..


Elation Platinum SBX

The new Platinum SBX™ is an innovative full-featured 3-in-1 luminaire with patent-pending design tha..


Elation Platinum Wash ZFX Pro

The Platinum Wash ZFX PRO™ features (19) 15W OSRAM RGBW LEDs producing similar output to a 700W wash..


Elation Platinum Wash ZFX ProXL

The Platinum Wash ZFX PRO XL™ features (37) 15W OSRAM HO RGBW LEDs producing comparable output of a ..


Elation Rayzor Q12

The new Rayzor Q12™ is a compact and fast wash lluminare featuring (12) 15W Quad Colour RGBW LEDs, R..


Elation Rayzor Q12Z

The Rayzor Q12 Zoom™ is a compact and fast wash luminaire featuring (12) 15W Quad Colour RGBW LEDs, ..


Elation Rayzor Q7

The Rayzor Q7 is the smallest, fastest and most powerful moving head LED wash / beam in its class. F..


Infinity iB-16R

The iB-16R is a truly versatile moving head offering a beam, spot and wash effect in one.This in com..


Infinity iB-715

The Infinity iB-715 offers unlimited freedom by its continuous rotating on both pan and tilt movemen..


Infinity iW-1915

The iW-1915 offers 19 quad colour LEDs with RGBW color mixing, each LED can handle 15 Watt. It has a..


Infinity iW-1915 Pixel

The Infinity iW-1915Pixel combines all benefits of the already popular iW-1915 with full pixel contr..


Infinity iW-715

The iW-715 is compact and powerful moving head with both beam and wash function. It is equipped with..


Infinity iW-720

The iW-720 is equipped with 7 pieces quad colour RGBW LED's of 20W. In contrast to the iW-715 the iW..


Kanjo Spot 10

The Kanjo Spot 10 is an ultra-compact and impressive moving head equipped with a 10W LED Lightsource..


Kanjo Wash RGB

The Kanjo Wash RGB is a compact affordable and reliable washlight which is suitable for mobile DJ, c..


Infinity iW-340 RDM

The Infinity iW-340, iW-740 and iW-1240 wash lights are excellent additions to the Infinity Intellig..


Phantom 120 LED Wash

The Showtec Phantom 120 Wash, is RGBW wash moving head with motorised zoom. It is equipped with a hi..