ETC Nomad Puck

ETC Nomad Puck

ETC Lighting Control wherever you are

The ETCnomad Puck is essentially an ETC lighting console without the control surface.  A powerful PC-based platform that fits into the palm of your hand offering additional stability over using a laptop with a Nomad dongle.  ETCnomad opens up the power of both Cobalt® and Eos®/Element™ software, so you can program and run shows anywhere

Nomad can serve as a primary controller, a backup or a client device - or work offline entirely -  When it's a primary or a backup, Nomad's system output equals that of the device with the lowest number of outputs. When it's a client, Nomad's output capacity is ignored.

The ETCnomad puck can support a fader wing, giving you even more capacity to work with. And for both Cobalt and Eos systems, you can use your favorite ETC accessories - like the RFR (Radio Focus Remote) and iRFR and aRFR mobile apps for Apple® and Android® devices. Nomad also plays well with OSC (Open Sound Control) controllers, and when running the Cobalt application, supports connection to third-party USB-MIDI panels via Direct MIDI.

  • Dedicated ETC-supported Hardware Platform
  • Can run both Eos/Element and Cobalt software
  • Available in 256, 512, 1024, 1536 and 2048 outputs
  • Serves as primary, backup or client and can be used offline
  • Net3/ACN/sACN and ArtNet output, DMX via ETC Gadget and DMX/RDM via Net3 Gateways
    NB Net2 is NOT supported by ETC Nomad.
  • RFR, iRFR and aRFR supported
  • Product Code: 4380A1020
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  • £1,560.00

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