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ILDA Lasers

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Galactic B1000

The Galactic B1000 is a professional 1Watt Blue laser. Due to the strong 1W output this unit is capa..


Galactic FX RGB-1000

The Galactic FX RGB-1000 is a 3D 1000mW RGB laser unit. It has beautiful clear colors created by 3 s..


Galactic G300

The Galactic G300 is a single 532nm green color laser. Green is the most impressive color for laser ..


Galactic GBC-120

The GBC-120 is the successor of the popular GVC-190 from the value line. However the laser power of ..


Galactic RGB-300 Value Line

Another affordable addition to the galactic series, the galactic RGB-300 value line. This laser has ..


Galactic RGB720

The Galactic RGB720 has all functions of the bigger professional high power RGB lasers from Showtec ..


Galactic RGB850

The Galactic RGB 850 is the top model of the Galactic Series. Though the power is only 850mW, with h..


Galactic FX RB-620

The Galactic FX RGB-620 is a 5-in1 FX 620mW RGB laser unit. It has an extra fx wheel in front of the..